Robert Smoley Helping Thousands Of Companies With Technology In Health Care
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Robert Smoley is assisting several companies be more successful by going for the smart solution offered by MDLive, an online company that helps medical consumers to connect with doctors and board-licensed therapists using cloud based technology.

According to sources, Robert’s company, MDLive, has been partnered with Google for many years and has just signed a corporate agreement with Walgreens, a big name in the pharmaceuticals industry. Robert is a notable personality who has been involved in implementing new technologies for companies for decades. He is known for his aptitude to anticipate the developing trends in business and technology. In 1980, Robert started a shop retailing mobile phones and in 1990, he started the first telephonic dating service in the country, Telecompanions. Robert Smoley also founded the Icom Group, a leading company marketing pharmaceuticals online.

Smoley was the first person to see the possibilities the internet offered the health care business. His company, MDLive, helps users get connected with providers online in a safe and HIPAA-compliant setting. The company has developed protected apps that can be downloaded onto a PC or tablet. It helps consumers to interact with healthcare professionals from anywhere in world. This also helps in reducing costs and saving time for all.

Smoley is also a lawyer by training; he was admitted to the Florida bar in 1978 and since then has been practicing as a trial lawyer. He has long and eminent legal career with the major achievement of being sworn in by Justice Earl Warren to perform before the Supreme Court in 1985. He is equally active in the public domain. He was the mayor of North Bay Village, Florida from 1976 to 1982.

About Robert Smoley

Robert Smoley is an eminent lawyer and healthcare entrepreneur. He has served his chosen industry and associate companies for more than thirty years. He was also the developer and CEO of MDLive from 2006 to 2010. MDLive is an online company helping connect health care customers with board-licensed therapists and doctors using cloud technology.

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